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1980   3Wheeling® Magazines

Do you remember these Magazines when they were sold at the News Stand? 3 Wheeling was the first magazine dedicated to mainly 3 wheelers. Here at 3WW we have been working to acquire one of every issue published. We have acquired one of the original Premier issues. Spring 1980 was the first issue published.

We have scanned the cover ( for starters ) of a bunch of the 3 wheeler magazines ( Dirt Wheels®, 3Wheeling®, and others ) we currently have. We will be adding more here on 3WW shortly. Look for more magazine updates ( articles and such ) in the future.

Click on the pictures for a bigger view.

While we have a fairly large collection of old magazines dedicated to 3 wheelers we are always looking to complete it. The goal is to have one of every 1987 and older Dirt Wheels®, 3Wheeling®, and all other Old 3 wheeler magazines for use on 3 Wheeler World.
If you can help complete the collection PLEASE e-mail Howdy.

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