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Message Board Rules V1.5

To keep our Forums Family orientated we have had to set some rules. Please read and abide by these rules. The link to the Forums is at the bottom.

Thanks and enjoy the 3Wheelerworld.forums

P.S. We revised these a little, to better accommodate the new Board, We have also added a FAQ for some frequently asked questions, like "How to post pictures?", "Why am I Trike-less?", ect. We also added a few rules about the classifieds.

Our Forum Rules:

1. Any sexual like insults towards other users is a definite no no.

2. No insults period. That includes insults towards other peoples machines, only your own ;). ( That one was for you ThreeWheelio :p)

3. Updated 8/19/03,Using all Caps is considered Yelling on the internet and extremely Rude. Any and All Posts typed in all caps are subject to removal with out prior notification or any warning. Repeat postings in all caps will result in further action, up to and including a ban from the message boards. Limit: 1 out of 10 words posted in All caps is more than enough. This was added to keep people from trying to get around this rule.

4. Keep Political, Religious, and other topics of that nature in the Open Forum. If you "Fly off The handle too bad " Your going to be told, and then next time it wont be as easy.

5. Try to stay loose on topic with the message board.
Currently we have:
Trikesylvania: for Pure rike Related postings.
Quad Central: for Quads, Golf carts, 4 wheelers, ect.
Bikersville: for dirtbikes and such.
The Open Forum: This forum is for any mixed style postings. Also allowed in the Open Forum is Snowmobiles, PWC, ect. But lets make sure they don't over come the trike postings.
ATV Classifeds: This Forum is to Buy, Sell, Trade ATV Related items ONLY!!
These Forums are there for you to use. Your free to talk about your Trike, Quad, Truck, Snowmobile, ect. But try to stay away from postings that has something to do with your city putting in new sewage lines or something along those lines heh. If its got a engine, If its rideable, If its fixable, then its alright to post on it.

6. You get one warning for your actions, that's it, no exceptions for anyone. You will be banned for 1 week the first time. 2 weeks the 2nd time, and the 3rd time for a month or until we decide to bring you back.

7. We have a younger audience, lets try to keep the message board clean.

8. Lets try not to get into arguments on model X goes 200mph.

9. Everyone has a opinion, Everyone has a right to a opinon. And Everyone has the right to disagree with that opinion too.

10. Post away!, The message board is here as a tool for everyone to use to your advantage. Its like the local bar, You need help, you go there, you wana shoot the bull, you go there. The message board is here for the same reason. Whether its Tech questions, Questions on specific models, Riding trips, Riding pictures, Links to your website, or whatever. As long as you follow the rules above everything will be good. If everyone follows these rules we will easily be able to form one of the biggest coalition of threewheeler enthusiast's out there. And Most of all, Enjoy the message board, that's what its there for.

Classifieds Rules

I wouldn't really call these rules, but maybe guidelines. Here they are:

1. Always try to post as much information about the item as possible. Pictures are best, but if you can't post a picture, try and describe them as best as you can.

2. Always include Where the items are located at. If you have a 200X forsale in Washington, but wont ship it, I'm sorta wasting my time asking since I live in Florida, get where I'm going?

3. The Classified Forums has had the reply feature disabled. This was done to keep the Classified forum nice and clean. The original poster can edit their own posting to update it with any information that may help with it.

4. Always Put a price with the item your selling (Unless your parting one out, or looking for an offer)

5. When Trading, Both parties should send their items at the same day, WITH tracking, and insurance (This should not only apply to trading, but when sending parts also). Daddybrad lost an entire engine in UPS once, The extra few dollars to insure it is well worth it.

Howdy did see a need to set some actual Rules for the Classified Forum. You can click here to see those ATV Classified Forum Rules.

Message Board FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How Do I Post Pictures?

A: Its really pretty simple once you get the hang of it. First of all, If You already have your pictures on your computer (If not, You'll need to do that now) You need to go an open an account at Once that's done, You'll need to upload your pictures to there (Image station has rather detailed instructions for uploading pictures, so I wont waste our time explaining that). Next , You'll need to go into your Album (Or if you haven't created one, it will be called "Inbox"), Click on the Picture, Click on it again so it gets big, and then You'll need to RIGHT click on the picture, and left click on Properties. It should look something similar to this:

Now, Where the area that's circled in the picture, You will need to copy this (Yours will be slightly different, so Don't just copy mine). Next, Head back to the board and Act like your going to post a new topic. In the area where you type, put in [image]AddressOfPictureHere[/image] Where I put in, AddressOfPictureHere, you will need to replace that with the information that you got from the properties window. Now, Once that's all done, and you type in your message. Your good to go!

Q: Why Am I Trike-less, Or a First Time Rider?

A: A great new feature about the board is that we can have custom titles. These titles change when your post count (Number of posts you've made on the board) Increases. If, However you haven't registered, Your title will remain "Trike-less" until you do. You can also be assigned a custom title, By making yourself stand out, In good ways, and in bad ways too...

Q: Why are you so strict about banning people?

A: In Order to keep the message board what it is, there has to be some rules set in stone. If we just let everyone do what they wanted, things would run amuck pretty quick. We're gonna prevent that from happening. So We have to make some solid, ground rules that have to be followed.
That Concludes Version 1.5 of the Message Board Rules, and FAQ.

Clicking "I Accept the rules" will take you to the Forums ( message Boards ). Clicking "I Decline the rules" takes you back to 3 Wheeler World Home Page.


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