Last Update: 5-27-09                   

Montgomery Ward T555

Pronounced: "Tee, Five, Fifty-five"

Montgomery Ward sold a 3 wheeler???????

Now we knew Penney's ( later changed to JC Penney's ) sold one but not Montgomery Ward. This is cool!! Howdy just came across this information. Up until now We only heard rumors. Now Howdy has the Magazine with this information.

Here is Howdy's quick take on it:
This looks to be a neat little machine. It has a 5hp Briggs & Stratton 4 Stroke ( Not a power house by any means ). It only weight in at whopping 145lbs, with a wheel base of 50 inches and over all length of 66 inches.
If you have more information on this beast please let me know.

click on the pictures to enlarge

Howdy recently got some photos of the Montgomery Ward T555 emailed to him and asked for me to upload them. Pretty neat looking machine, check it out!

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