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Service Manuals

Alright now, alot of you guys have been requesting these and at Trikefest Bruce (350Xin'NY) gave me a CD that was chock full of Yamaha service manuals. There were part break downs (With parts #'s) for 16 different years and models. Recently also added the Astro Quad conversion parts list thanks to Brian (452x) and the ATC Specs reference guide is from 86waterpumper. Also just added a "Honda Service Manuals" page, right now it has the breakdown for the 350x on it, but more should be coming soon.

To view these service manuals, you'll need the "Adobe Acrobat" viewer plugin which can be downloadeded from the little Adobe .pdf logo below:

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Yamaha Service Manuals

Honda Service Manuals

Astro quad conversion parts list

ATC Specs Reference. Oil capacities, plug types, ect.

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