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The Honda TRX200X

Check this out, a TRX200X! The owner sent this picture to us. He's from Argentina. He said he's owned it since new, 1993. It was made in Mexico. The engine was a 199 cc with 6 speed tranny with manual clutch. The same as that engine in the 86-87 ATC200X's. The front end, shocks, A-arms, brakes, and stuff are all the same as the TRX 300EX. The rear has 7.1 inch of travel. The Owner comments that It's not as good as the 300ex suspension. The Owner also had the following Mods: SuperTrapp muffler, modded the lid of the air box, and a 145 main jet. We asked about getting more pictures, but he said he sold it in 1999 and has no more. Thanks to one of Our readers, We've found another picture, see it below.

Honda TRX200X

That picture came from Here. From what I make of that site (My bi-lingual skills are pretty bad heh) It had electric start, not Kick like a 86-87 ATC200X's. It also say's that the TRX200X weighs 154.5kg (Not sure how much that is in LBS.) If you have anymore information, specs, more pictures, or anything, please let us know and We'll get it up here ASAP.

Glenn J also sent in this translated version of that page, Sweet! Check it out Here

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