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Tech Tips & Tricks

Welcome to our new Tech Tips & Tricks section. Here you'll be able to look up, and find information on some of the coolest Technical tricks you can do to your trike. And to make the first update of the Tech Tips & Tricks section, We've added one of the best, and most asked about tricks. Dual oil coolers for a 350X. Many thanks to Jake (350xer85) for snapping these pictures and sending them in. I'm sure they are going to help out, and make alot of people happy.

ATC350X Tips & Tricks

Dual Oil Coolers

Super Trapp Exhaust Tuning Guide

Compliments of hrc200x

TRX450R Silencer Retrofit

Compliments of MO350X

Misc. Tech Tips (All Models)

Re-newing Plastics

Compliments of CHAINSAW

Good forum post with Spark plug reading info.

Check back often for more Tech Tips & Tricks!

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