3WHeeLeR WoRLD Chat Page!

Click Yes, Accept, or OK on the window that pops up during the time the chat loads. Failure to do so will require you to reload the whole page.

If nothing happens, or all you have is a blank screen for an extended amount of time then you need to go download the Sun Java plugin. It is located at: http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp

If you want to change your name, type in /nick yournicknamehere. You can also use to the small "change nick to" box on the bottom right hand corner. Input your new name and hit enter/return on the keyboard to change it.

If you want to start a private conversation with someone, double click their name and a new window will open.

One other thing, if your here during the day and theres no one in the chatroom, try back later that evening around 8:00PM or so. Chat usually is the busiest in the evenings.