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JC Penney Trike ( Scat Tracker )

Have you seen this 3Wheeler Before?

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It's the Penneys Scat Tracker three wheeler. It was sold by Penney's before they were JC Penneys. It featured a 5hp Brigs & Stratton engine, fiberglass fenders, and chopper handle bars. These were a fun to ride, but very ruff on the body. There was slight suspension on the front and none on the rear. The real thin padding for a seat made a short ride seem very long. A long ride was felt for days. It was rather quick for only having a 5 HP motor. The brakes wasn't much: Rear only and they were the same "band around a drum" as found on older go carts. But they were effective in stopping it quickly. Here is some more pics:

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JC Penny's also sold lawn tractors, snowmobiles, tools and other stuff.

That's about all the info I have on this Trike. Howdy owned one of these. He has the papers in the pictures.

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