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Three-wheelers in movies!

In the past this has been a pretty hot topic on the forum. Most of the movies were from the 1970's and 1980's, the era of trikes. However recently a few newer movies have been dug up that have trikes in them. Below is a compiled list of movies found to have trikes in them, a long with an explanation of what scene. Some movies may have a forum link, this will take you to a page where that movie has been discussed. Theres also a few TV shows, where a trike or something related might have appeared breifly. Enjoy!

Something About Mary - In the beginning, where the bullies are after Warren. See forum post for more info.

Meet Joe Dirt - In the scene where Joe is walking down the road. See forum post for more details.

American Anthem - See forum post for more details.

Police Acadmey 2 - On the beach scene, see forum post for more details and screnshot.

Sports Disasters - Part of the firesquad on an auto wreck, see forum post for more details.

Hart to Hart - A particular episode, see forum post for more information.

In a Big Country (Music Video) - A music video by the band "Big Country". See forum post for more details.

Tears For Fears (everybody wants to rule the world) music video - The music video "Everybody wants to rule the world" by Tears For Fears has some assorted three-wheelers in it.

Steven King's "Silver Bullet" Theres a dirtbike converted into a three-wheeler in this movie. Not sure how long the clip is or how much action there is. Unconfirmed.

One Upon A Wheel Short one hour movie narrated by Paul Newman has some ATC90's in it. See forum post.

James Bond: Diamonds are Forever - In the scene where James is getting chased through the desert on ATC90's.

Smokey and the Bandit 3

The Goonies - At the end there is a Yamaha trike (Hard to see what model) riding on the beach looking for the kids.

Road House - Has a Honda trike of some sort in it.

CHIPS Series - In one episode there are some ATC250R's in it. Go Here for an off-site page on that episode.

Dukes of Hazard Series - In one episode there are some ATC250R's in it that Boss Hog and Rosco are riding.

Born in East LA - When they are being chased by the border patrol, some of the patrolmen are on 90's

Thats all I got for now. If you have a screenshot of the scene from one of these movies, please make a post on the forum with it and I'll make a link to it here on the next update. Any others that you can confirm should be posted on the forum in Trikesylvania also. Thanks :-)

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