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Factory Racers

Factory Racers, We have some pictures of some highly factory modified threewheelers. Including a Racing Tecate-3, an Racing ATC250R, and the one and only ATC200R! Thats not a typo for 200X either!

Theres the ATC200R, a 200cc 2 stroke based mainly on the 200X chassis geomtry with a MTX200 dual sport engine.

2 more veiws, Imagine something almost as powerful as a ATC250R in a chassis as light as the 200X? Scary......

Heres another picture of the 200R.

And Yet another.

Heres Honda's Factory setup to race ATC250R, doesn't look to stock heh.

Here's the Cagiva

Heres Honda's Racing 200X, I wonder how it compared with the stock 2 strokes once Honda squeezed all the power out of it?

Theres the Tiger.

The Famous 4 stroke engine builder Curtis Sparks' 200X

A Tecate setup to race, all I can say is wow, I know that thing flew!

Thats all there is folks, but if you have any info on other ones please email us. Any information would be excellent.

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