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      So, you want to know all about us guys who work on this awesome page? You've come to the right place, this page is going to have pictures, and Info on all three of us. Kinda cool that three people work on a 3wheeler website.

ThreeWheelio's picture

      Tim Warburton, "aka ThreeWheelio, Timbo, and Pickupman" is from Quebec, Canada. Born into the center of attention in April 1983. He is 5' 11" tall weighs 135lbs. And is single and looking. He was 15 when he started this site 2 years ago ( 1-15-1999 ). His interest are: Playing the drums and mandolin, Likes trucks, 3wheelers, 4wheelers, snowmobiles, dirtbikes and streetbikes, and bmx's in the summer too. He has even been in DirtWheels Magazine around 6 times and counting.

      Some of his past rides are: 2 - 1984 ATC200s's, 1985 ATC 200x , 1984 ATC200m, 1974 Z50a, 1976 CB125, 1980 Suzuki PE250, 1981 Bombardier CanAm 250mx-6, 1982 Yamaha MX175, 1983 YZ125, 1987 YZ125, 1985 XL600r w/t Yamaha 400 Twin motor, 1986 Yamaha XT600, 1991 CT240 Blaster, 1990 Suzuki QuadSport 250, 1978 Skidoo TNT440, 1977 Snojet,440, 1979 Honda Nighthawk 400, 1972 Yamaha DT100, 1973 Polaris Colt340, Gemini SST50 Mini bike, and a 1976 Kawasaki KM100. His dream is of owning a 1987 Kawasaki Tecate 3 Wheeler.

Howdy and His 1986 Polaris Scrambler
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       Robert Shively, aka "Howdy" or "The Moderator" Is from Celina, Ohio. Born In June of 1964 ( old fart ). He is 5' 10" tall 145lbs ( give or take a meal ). Married in 1996, and soon to be divorced in 2009. He has 1 son living with him. He also has a step son ( 16 ) who lives with the soon to be ex ( he may never get to see this son once the divorce is finalized ), and 1 adopted son ( 24 ) that lives in Kettering, Ohio. His interest include: his family, friends, working on 3 & 4 wheelers, computers, construction work, riding his 1985 350x, Camping, Hiking, Biking, Gardening, Traveling, watching "Cash Cab", and many more things. You can always find him tinkering with something out at the shop or just in his Garage. His motto is " If it was built I will attempt to fix it " and he normally does. Some people call him "The High Tec Red Neck". His latest project is Remodeling his house and spending Quality time with his 12 year old son. He will be single again soon, so Ladies if your interested drop him a line.

      Howdy started repairing 3 wheelers in 1989 for friends. Then in 1990 he started buying and selling and repairing them for mad money and never stopped. He also has helped lots of people repair their ATV's. Between him and a friend they have bought over 1000 machines, including a Argo 6 wheeler, some dirt bikes, a snow mobile, a golf cart, and much more. He has even owned one of every production model 3 Wheeler Honda ever sold in the USA. He has a barn full of parts for 3 wheelers and some 4 wheelers - Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki. If you need some parts drop him a e-mail.

HondaATC's Picture

Please Disregard Gay Colored Furniture

      Billy Golightly, aka "HondaATC". Born in Dec 1986 ( the youngest of the crew ). He is 5' 9" tall weighs 178lbs. He has been riding since he was 2 weeks old and riding by himself at 4 years old. His first ride was a 1982 Honda Big Red. Graduated to a 200X at age 15. Rides everyday and is known among his riding friends as "Insane".

Races some Harescrambles on random dates all around the state of FL with his 87 TRX250R. Drives an 03 Dodge with a Cummins and a Standard (Gotta stick with your performance roots). Loves the Crusty Demons Of Dirt movies, Anything with trikes dirtbikes or quads in it is a good show.

Listens to Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Burnin' Groove, Motley Crue, Incubus, Disturbed, Rammstein, & other assorted rock groups.

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