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Well the long over do video section finally emerges. At this current time, I am not accepting any additions to this section of the site through email because of my limited internet speed. If you have a video to upload, email me with the information about it (Specificaly how long, and how large it is) and we'll go from there.

1985 Honda ATV Commercial, approx 4.5mb

 ATC500R-VS-Tri-Z Drag Race   File size: 2.0MB
 ATC500R-VS-Banshee Drag Race   File size: 2.7MB
 Tri-Z-VS-Banshee Drag Race   File size: 2.5MB
 ATC500R-VS-Banshee Drag Race   File size: 2.0MB
 ATC500R high speed drive by   File size: 5.7MB

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