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1972 and 1973 Mud Bug Page

Well just about everybody has heard of Mowers made by MTD. Right? Well, did you know MTD made 3 wheelers back in the early to mid 70's? Until recently we didn't. Howdy just happened to hear about some sales literature for sale and bought them. All the info we have on them is from the Literature. So lets look at them!

Here is the 1st one: I believe this one is from 1972.
Front Back
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From this paper ( back view ) we can tell it was made in Cleveland, Ohio. It came in 3 models ( for this year, 1972? ). They were the 371-700 ( 5hp ), 371-730 ( 7hp ), and the 371-735 ( 7hp with electric start ). The lit shows they all came with a 3" adjustable frame. They wieght's was 180lbs, 190lbs, 205lbs repectively. They claimed to be able to climb a 40 degree hill, and also sideways stability was at 40 degree Hill too.
They used a foot pedal for the trottle, Dual rear brakes, and a automotive style differential ( one wheel peel ), a front ski was a optional attatchment. The color of the 371-700 model was "Lime". The other 2's color was "Apricot Metallic Flake". Not my choice of colors. But then I wasn't buying back then ;).

Here is the 3rd page:
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The paper ( pic ) above is for Model 371-730. At the bottom of this page you can see the Dealers price ( coded ) and the retail price. To break the dealer price code just remove the first and last digit and that was the dealers cost. Which is $311.56 and the retail price was $409.95. The ski was $25.08 for the dealer and $33.00 is the retail price. It also came with a 6 month Warranty. Not bad for back then.

Here is the 2nd one: I believe this one is from 1973.
Front Back
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Here is the 1973 Models. They made 3 models in 1973. They were 372-710 ( 5 hp ), 372-720 ( 8hp ), 372-725 ( 8 hp w/elecric start ). Other than that the specs are close to the same as the 1972 models.

Here is the 3rd page for the 1973's:
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Here is the 3rd 1973 page ( above ). At the bottom you can see the dealer cost ( coded as above ), and the retail price. How ever on this paper it shows the bulk price for the dealer also. They also added 2 optional Items: A luggage rack ( $17.95 ), and a Light kit for the 373-725 model ( $19.95 ). If you have any info not posted up here for these models, and would like to get yours up here. PleaseE-mail me now by clicking right here. Thanks Howdy

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