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Thread: Rifle scabbard mounting on ATC?

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    Rifle scabbard mounting on ATC?

    Anyone carry a rifle in a scabbard on their ATC? I'm thinking something like a Kolpin, mounted to the front fork tube between the upper and lower triple clamps, having the gun case sit parallel to the forks. Anyone use their atc for hunting and have a better carrying method?
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    Im hoping to mount something on m y 250 ES too but cant find much on it. Anybody ??

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    I used to use a leather scabbard, like the ones for hunting from horseback, on my 185s front forks years ago.
    Still have the scabbard, but havenít tried it on the machines I have now.
    It worked well, but maybe not the best protection for a big money gun.
    It just has straps that sling around the bars and forks.

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    I don't think I have a picture but I've mounted a Kolpin hard case on the right rear of the rear rack facing down at the extreme outside of the fender. A steel plate was needed to attach everything to it which was in turn attached to the rack.

    Found a (bad) picture from 2015
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