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Thread: with sad regret I have to say goodbye

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    Sep 2002

    with sad regret I have to say goodbye

    due to some personal health problems i have to step away from the board for a while. i hope to be back soon but the future is uncertain. i wish you all the best of luck with your trikes and the worst of luck with your golf carts...JK i've made some good friends here and at Haspin and i hope i will see (type at) all of you soon.
    Bill ( MR ATC)

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    Aug 2002

    take care of yourself

    i hope everything gets better for you. take care of yourself. we will always be here for ya. wish you the best mike from long island

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    Aug 2002
    Hope you get better soon man, it was nice meeting you at haspin and I appreciate all the help you've given me and tech tips, parts, etc. Hope to see you back in action before long...

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    Apr 2002
    s.w. michigan

    to your health my friend

    bill, you taught my big red a few things and it has yet to let me in on . i just got my badlands trip boo-boo's fixed today (red jumps-john can't) so hope it's just a case of to much details and not enough living !
    i will start with the rumor i heard that kimmer is supplying venision + salmon for next years haspin#2. ( the deer meat is outstanding kimmer).
    see you then if not sooner,,,
    my e-mail addy is posted if i may be of some benifit MR ATC,,,,


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    May 2002
    Southeastern Wisconsin
    Good luck man, hope everything works out.

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    Ace Mon is offline At The Back Of The Pack Arm chair racerAt the back of the pack
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    Oct 2002

    well Mr ATC

    Its a bummer . You have helped me out when I needed info . You are a wellspring if knowledge ! I hope all goes well and You are back soon . Take care Ace

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    Sep 2002
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    Bill...Sorry to see you go but I know that things do have prioritys over others. I've had a good time talking with you and have learned alot, as I'm sure alot of other people here on the board have also. Your not only a knowledgeable guy, but your really cool too. I hope all goes well with whatever problems you might be having and hopefully one day we'll all get to see you around again.

    One can only beat their head up against the wall so often before they get blood in their eyes.

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    Sep 2002
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    I know we have had our problems in the past but I think meeting face to face at Haspin changed that.
    I hate to see you go. I don't know the problem but I hope all goes well. Stop back when things get better. We will be here. Awaiting your return.

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    May 2002
    Cortland, NY

    mr atc

    I hope everything works out for you.
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    Jun 2002
    Good luck and I'm sure Tigerlilly will take good care of you. Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Apr 2002
    You'll be dearly missed.
    It ain't no fun unless you kin git hurt doin it.
    Rides: YTM-225DX, 2x YTM-175, KLT-160, ATC-125M, ATC-250SX, ATC-200x, ATC-200E

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    Aug 2002
    Jamul, CA. near San Diego

    Mr ATC

    Tell me it's a joke. what will all of the sheep do without the shepard.

    what happens if someone needs to know how to change a muffler bearing?...

    dude, i love argueing with ya and i have ALOT of respect for you. you've always steer people with the truth...

    dont go , if ya must, hurry back

    good luck Mr. ATC

    talk to ya soon

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    Jun 2002
    this is 200x from .org. Man I sure will miss you. I hope all works out for the best and we hear from you soon. I am going to link this overthere. I know you have many friends over there. (except dirt girl)
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    get better

    get better man.

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    Nov 2002
    Take care Bill, I hope things improve and all turns out well. Thank you for all your advice!

    "That looks do-able"!!

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