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Thread: Tf 2011 - 2 month warning!

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    Tf 2011 - 2 month warning!

    Hey gang,
    In 60 days many of us will have already invaded Haspin Acres.
    I am posting this as a reminder to START GETTING READY NOW!

    Every year, beginning around mid-June we start seeing posts like:
    "I only have one week left to find rear tires, rebuild my top end, install new fork seals, wire my headlight, weld my footpeg...etc.... Oh woe is me, how will I ever get it all done?!"

    So (and you know who you are) start preparing now. Start going over your trikes. Make your list. Get needed parts on order. I just hate to see people wrenching at TF, when they should be enjoying those few days a year in 3-wheeler paradise. It will be here before you know it so get crackin' people!!!!!

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    Can I get a hallelujah from the back row? All I need is a clutch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fabiodriven View Post
    Ya'll are the biggest bunch of whining b!tches I've seen in my entire life.
    You might be strong as an ox, but without a cart you are just a big dumb animal.

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    Attachment 122405Attachment 122406Attachment 122407Attachment 122408And as a reminder for those not able to attend TrikeFest2011 but want a shot at winning the 1985 Tecate raffle trike (and support this site) ,,, you do NOT need be present to win.

    PM me ~ I can hook you hook you up !

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    I was just thinkin about this yesterday. Hard to believe considering how cold and rainy it's been. Winter doesn't want to let go around here. Can't wait to be overwhelmed with dust, mud, sun, beer, rain, sweat, river water, extreme heat, etc. In no particular order....

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    YES! lets rock and roll!

    im ready!!!!!
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    oh GIDDY ,,,,,, time to Convert to Dirt!!!!!!

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    May be 350x less??? Broke off exhaust studs, pulled motor to find frame cracked and still have a mount froze up in case.....boxes of parts and lookin for a frame as we speak. Damn ice racing.........lol...lol
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