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Thread: Someone is gonna get lucky and WIN this Custom Tri-Z build.

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    Someone is gonna get lucky and WIN this Custom Tri-Z build.

    Well I had a thread then the forum crashed. So here it is again.

    Anyway, we are building a Tri-Z. Somebody is gonna end up with this, as it will be a benefit build for the site, and everyone will have a chance at the drawing.
    Details on that later.

    First of all, there is a huge list of sponsors and donators for this. A trike built FOR the MEMBERS, by the MEMBERS.

    Swinehart has donated the trike as well as a thankless amount of legwork and some other misc items that he makes..
    Billy Golightly donated the footpegs
    SBLT500R donated mucho Billet Bling from his Z arsenal.
    Flyin Brian Modified the footpeg mounts with heavy duty plating to hold the massive footpegs. No more Weak Z footpegs.
    He is also currently working on a top mount Aluminum Tank that will hold near 2.5 gallons and do away with the fuel pump and under seat tank.
    Corey Sprock has donated Misc. engine parts, including a Coolhead, and Custom billet intake, and heavy Duty Base Gasket.
    SMS Motorsports is donating a billet Grab bar for the build and helping out with the rear tires.http://www.snydermotorsports.net/
    A close Local friend has been handling all the aluminum polishing and legwork on Powdercoating, and has saved us a ton of time from running..(Thanks Hubert)
    Garageboy 34 donated some aftermarket rear wheels and I am sure I will pick at him for some other odds and ends before this is over.
    www.Cosmicquads.com aka Tammy and I are donating, The frame, custom Seat, Yamahondaman Billet and SS bling, Custom Maier Blue fenders, Banshee Shock, All associated Bearings and Cables, ETC..Ambush CST front tire, And I will be handling the mechanicals of the build.

    Jason Hall here on the Boards did a stellar job on a plus 2 swinger. Pics when back from PC..
    Tattool Spent hours on photoshop work for me too. Thanks!

    If anyone would like to donate anything else, please feel free to contact me or Mrs.Mosh. There is still a host of things that we need.

    Stay tuned for further postings and updates on how you can enter to win this machine.
    Without further delay, here is what we have so far..

    Everyone viewing this thread will have an oppurtunity to walk away with this trike provided you enter to win. When we are ready, the details for entries will be posted.
    Also..There will be something very special to tie this build all together. As it nears completion, I will will elaborate on that.

    I will keep this thread posted with updates as I have them.
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    where do i enter ?? great job you guys !! off topic a lil bit but i would love to see this build done in the new yami colors blue/white ?? just my two cents but i think it would look cool !! but to win a free tri-z i wouldn't care if it was pink !!

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    Amazing post is Amazing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tri-ZNate View Post
    Talking about the build quality, I got their exhaust and economy muffler and it fits together like tossing a hot dog down a hall way with nothing provided to take up the slop. Best $200 ever spent

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    give'em time steve, all will be reveiled.

    thanks for post it up Mosh, that's looks to be one badass Z.
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    That is awesome!! Cant wait to see and hear more about this. Wish I had some Z parts to donate but nothing in my arsenal. Great job everyone
    Just sit back and chillaxx

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    Well, it's a Yamaha but I guess if I won it it might e okay to ride...

    Really excited to see how this turns out

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    Nice plan ! Haha can peaple from canada win this future beast ?
    Tri-z 1985 resto project

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    Your attention to detail will make this build VERY desirable!!!! Probably buy more tickets then the usual I have in the past.
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    Wow very cool. Glad I could help at least somewhat.

    Don't forget to powder that rear shock spring.

    FSU Powersports

    RNS Powdercoating

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    im very curious and anxious to learn more about how to enter this
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    Cant wait to buy my raffle tickets for this one.
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    This is exciting!
    Honda and Mopar spoken here!
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    Oh wow, very nice color scheam coming together Mosh !!!
    Defintly liking all the custom parts by every one too !


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    looking awesome! Can't wait to see how this turns out. Hope the profits generated help out a good cause. And big thumbs up to all involved for donating parts and their personal time. Just absolutely love this site and the incredible people that are part of it and make it all happen. If you need any part in particular PM me as I have been collecting parts for a Z build for the past 3 years. Would like to contribute if possible. Thanks again guys.

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    I'll be buying some tickets for this one fo-sho!
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