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Thread: Tri-Shee Build Thread. A.K.A. Trish

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    You better watch your back Senetor McKane............................ My little 250 might be going on steroids this winter. I feel you have been too long without strong competition, and to be honest, that must come to an end
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    SAY IT!!!!!
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    you better re jet on the 19th... because you will have your hands full....

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    I gotta say this build is awesome. I love the sound of a screaming banshee motor. Sorry guys, I am not exclusively a Honda guy, I own them all. I love that pipe, and the fact that you did it 2 into 1 to make it fit all together on a trike. Can't wait to see it in person.

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    I didn't like what you said about honda

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    Sweeeeeet build! Love it!
    Keeping my sanity through my rebuilds.. Unemployment sux...
    Wish I never had to sell any of my rides though..

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    Thought Id bump this build thread up. A lot of new members may find it interesting or inspiring.
    250r rules

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    Good bump. I've been reading through this. It's a damn good build and thread. I noticed the naysayer saying it can't go x fast.. people are always in disbelief! Even if it was a typo!

    Either way, on 100 octane fuel, 400cc twin oughtta be able to easily push 80hp with a nice wide powerband. Well over 100hp is capable with a build like this.

    The 100 octane fuel and the stroke + the high comp are all factors of torque monsters!!
    I just wanna go fast. If your not first, your last!!
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    Im in awe of this built and can't wait to do one! I know a guy that would probably sell a Z roller for cheap. Just gotta find the perfect Banshee... An 86 Tri-Z themed build would look slick.

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