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Thread: Team White 1986 Tecate - WOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NWrider View Post
    Thanks for all the positive responses so far guys - this was a serious project - and it all worked out with a lot of patience, some luck and some help from members.
    Billy - I'm computer savvy and can't for the life of me figure out how to get these photos uploaded to the site. I tried for an hour and gave up. They are large files and I have no idea how to easily and quickly re-size them and upload them. Can you pull them off Photobucket and get them to the site. I wanted them there, just could not get the loader to get it done for me.
    Oh, maybe get her in the Top Tier Builds Section at some point to - she belongs there...
    Glad you all like it. Can't wait to get out for a ride.
    Our photo uploader is all jacked up because its been patched to high hell for exploit reasons and vbulletin doesn't seem interested in doing a proper fix for it, I just realized the other day it doesn't allow you to do multi-select for image uploads anymore since the last one I did just a couple days ago (This is about the 6th or 7th security patch I've had to make in the last year...getting ridiculous) but ANYWAYS, I pulled them from Photobucket and uploaded them here to the site and embedded them - it really is a super duper machine. I'll leave it here in Trikesylvania where it will get the best exposure for a couple days and then I'll move it over there to Top Tier builds for sure...
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    I love LED and Arlan's motor work! Simply amazing motors!! Great build
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    Obviously, very nice. The fenders look awesome, even with the zip ties. I can't believe you let it out the door with a rusty hose clamp and water pump drain bolt. Glad to see that you bagged the brown, I was cringing a little when you told me that. I like the Tiger flavor. Also, thanks for your help on my project.

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    that is the baddest ass T3 I have ever seen......tip o` my hat to you, Sir!

    Perry Kramer (although I had Redlines, SE was the shizz BITD) would be proud.....same generation too

    I WANT THAT CALFAB TANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    do you have pics of the tank without the stuff attached? We have the tech here at work to make those again for sure but it`s probably a little more cost prohibitive these days than it was in the 80s.....aluminum costs quite a bit more now

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    I really can't add to what has already been said....

    Absolutely first rate build Sir!

    I know Tecate parts aren't near as abundant as R parts, but to build what you built.....All I can say is congrats and ENJOY! That is alot of work, money and time there.
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    Trike looks fantastic. You have a one of a kind trike there.
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    This thing is amazing looking

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you - I'm glad you all love it. Honestly 3WW was part of my inspiration for doing it - it just didn't seem to have been done yet (on an 86 tecate anyway). So if it weren't for this damn site I stumbled into a few years back none of this would have happened - ahh, thanks I guess...

    Tanks -
    So, I am in the process of getting a quote on getting more tanks built. Since my bikes are still in the shop and they have the fab skills, we are measuring up mine and using it and a stock tank to determine the material and labor cost. Different builder this time, but highly qualified. There are few enhancements that can be made to the tank (since mine is a prototype), it's not perfect. We are looking to improve those issue's. If you have any input on any changes or features, we'll take it - and yes I do have some pictures of it off the bike, if not I will get some for you all that want to try and take this on on your own.
    In the meantime, if you are interested in a tank very similar to this one let me know (via PM is fine to stay under the radar) - the more we get produced the better the price should get. No deposit or anything required, just want to guage interest. Right now it is estimated to be about $800 each, but we'll see, looking to get that down. My tank cost me well north of that - so $800ish is a deal and about the price of used Calfab, so consider that...
    Of course I hate to devalue my trike by littering the market with custom aluminum tanks, but hey, why not, it's the right thing to do.
    Get in touch if you think you are in the market for one.
    Thanks again.

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    The only downside to this build is those Shriners are upset you switched colors on St.Patricks Day and won't let you join in the parade.

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    I don't like the powder blue on it but that being said its a true work of art man
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    Blue and white is by far my favorite color scheme ever and is FOR SURE the sexiest color's I have EVER seen on a Tecate! I wish I could ever hope to build a bike to this level. You sir, are an artist. Thank you very much for sharing with us.
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    It's definitely not your everyday run o' the mill Tecate. As I'm reading your first post, prior to looking at the pics, I was kind of dreading how I envisioned it looking, but I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. It's obvious you put a lot of thought, effort, time, & money into building it. That tank is a work of art too. Kudos to the fabricator!
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    When I first saw the teaser shots that Extreme Motorworks posted on Facebook ( they did the motor on my 85 Tecate last fall ) I thought it was gonna be a smurf themed build.....To my surprise the finished product is stunning! Top notch job for sure on everybody's part! Looks great!
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    Excellent build! That's what's this site is about ! I like the white color scheme , looks great and thanks for sharing.

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    That thing is awesome!!!!!! Great job, I too like the tiger theme. I love it
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