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Thread: Team White 1986 Tecate - WOW!

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    Team White 1986 Tecate - WOW!

    Photo Link at the bottom.

    Well, it's time.
    I just can't wait any longer to show this custom build off. It's about 95% complete - and complete enough to show. No expense was spared!
    I feel this post should go into the Top Tier Build Section (of course I'm biased), but it wouldn't let me post there. This also not a "build process" thread, it's the final product only, so nothing to follow, just something to look at...maybe even inspiration to some to take a risk and build a true custom trike.

    After nearly 5 years of collecting, trading, restoring, selling and spending the project is over – well, almost – I’d say somewhere in the 95% range. There are still some small details that I may change/complete, but for the most part this is it. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Some may hate the color scheme, sorry, I went non-traditional because I could and I wanted to, and I haven’t seen anything other than green tecates for the most part to date – so that was the last thing I wanted. I took a gamble on the blue, but love the way it turned out – the trike really flows…

    I think the sitting/finished look is as seen. The riding look will use OEM plastics – yes, this is a rider. It’s difficult to think about riding it after all the work and money into it, but that’s what it’s for – to enjoy! It can always be redone to sit someday – for now, it must be ridden - without wrecking the low pro rears of course. And when I say ridden, we’re talking about maybe 4x per year and lightly, but it’ll get dirty and some basic rock chips and whatever else happens – it will not be raced or jumped or thrashed – I’m too old for that… Maybe ice racing someday, that seems cool.

    The details –
    Final assembly and miscellaneous detail work to get to completion was done by Xtreme Motorworks of Preston, WA. Thanks Willie, Shawn, Bill and Steve. Great guys! We had fun working together on the project. They basically assembled, fabbed some items and helped me pull it all together.

    Powder coating was done by JR at Powder Vision, also of Preston, WA. Lots of time and work put in by all to make this happen.

    Frame – a Works frame with the RAM Steering Stabilizer built into the head tube. Not sure if it was an ex-racer, because anyone could get this modification back in the day, but none-the-less, this trike has the RAM. It’s rare – I know of 3 or 4 out there… allows for adjustable dampening settings based on ride/track conditions. 1-8 are the dial settings located at the top of the head tube.

    Motor – built by an old school 2-stroke master – Arlin Lehman of LED Performance in Gresham, OR. We destroyed (3) stock motors to pull the best crank, parts etc. out in order to build this motor. It turned out amazing. Running a PVL ignition too – no Ricky. Kicking out 55 HP according to the Dyno. Running Demonde 2-stroke L111 oil in the mix. Arlin had a fun time flashing back to the 80’s on this one…

    Exhaust – also done by LED and specific to the motor and ridability objectives. Hand done by the master…

    Plastics are all painted. Not ideal, but no other way to get the color I wanted or to ensure the whites of the various pieces would match.

    Seat was done by Rich’s Upholstery of Seattle, WA

    Tires – and old school Hoosier on the front and the rears are currently Nankin 789’s. I do have the Turf Savers by Carlisle as well as a set of H-Track 902’s and 903's. Thinking maybe Hoosiers on the rear are in order though? TBD

    Brakes are rebuilt OEM’s. Used a KX front master to accommodate the ASV Lever on the front brake set up.

    Suspension was rebuilt by Devol Engineering of Enumclaw, WA. They’ve been in the game for like 30 years. Thanks Royce!

    JP Racing air box cover and extended rear axle (Axcaliber). (23) spline axle, not an 85, so another rare item and super cool.

    West coast hubs. Another not often seen piece. With the axle and hubs she sits at 52” wide in the rear.

    Calfab swing arm (+2) – all polished up! Custom color decals.

    Custom decals on the remainder of the trike were done by a local shop and me spending hours to work through the various color combos desired. I think they turned out well. Tough to do prior to seeing the bike complete, but it worked out pretty well in my opinion.

    Forks polished and rebuilt. Triples too.

    Gas tank – custom fab job by a local builder. Pretty amazing job on this one of a kind tank – and his first and only try. It’s not a Calfab, but the objective was to make it look like one – to match the rare 85 Calfab tank for the Tecate that's out there. This took months to complete. I had to leave a complete trike with the builder to ensure the fit – I was nervous, but it all worked out. I can put you in contact with the builder if interested in replicating this tank.
    Not sure of his status or willingness, but if you are interested, I’d be happy to get you in contact with him.

    All bearings, seals re-done. Thanks ATV Innovations
    All bolts, grommets, etc. are OEM.
    PRM grab bar.
    OMF chain guard.
    Went with a Sidewinder rear sprocket. It’s a little worn, but just had to use the piece. Also have a (2) piece Sidewinder sprocket left over.

    Radiators were built by PWR Performance about 5 years ago when I first started the project. Sent them OEMs and they built these new from scratch.

    Streamline brake lines custom length to accommodate the swinger extension and color to fit the scheme.

    I think that's about it. Let me know if you have any questions, I'd be happy to share any info I may have that you want.
    It was a total risk with the colors for sure - I love it though, so that's all that matters.
    Oh, not for sale!

    However, this bike does have an evil brother that was built and is for sale. It's another ground up resto, and white. Not all the trick parts of this one, but damn nice! Calfab +2, extended axle, custom graphics, etc. Waiting on the aluminum tank to get done for it and then selling for top $$. I'll post up some pics of the FS Tecate soon. It'll likely be seen with an awful green tank - we're still a few weeks out on the Aluminum one being completed.

    Thanks 3WW for all the info and the great people that I have met through the site during this process.
    Hope you enjoy and LOVE this trike, I do!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's the photo link - http://s1288.photobucket.com/user/jt...White%20Tecate

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    Something that you dont see everyday! Great work! Me likey
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    She's a real beauty. That tank is a masterpiece,jaw dropper,and the cruelest birth control I've ever seen,all rolled into one lol !!! Gorgeous bike... A true labor of love.
    Please help those who cannot help themselves.

    ALWAYS buying Museum quality machines,3 and 4 wheels. And any and ALL ,NOS parts,EVERY brand.

    I am turning my PM's Off,my Email is billsracing@hotmail.com,put 3WW in the subject. Thanx!

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    Wow. You told me the color scheme a while ago and i was aprehensive but i love it. Great work Jason!

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    Sweeet!!! That's real nice one of a kind

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    Holy smokes that thing is awesome! Please please please upload the photos locally here on the site incase your photo bucket ever disappears or link changes they will still be around. Everything is so well put together on that thing, man, you did a great job. I just don't have the ability to build nice clean well put together museum quality stuff like that...everything just "fits" so well and perfect on it. Great job.
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    Wow! Great colors, very unique and super clean!

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    Awesome build.

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    Thanks for all the positive responses so far guys - this was a serious project - and it all worked out with a lot of patience, some luck and some help from members.
    Billy - I'm computer savvy and can't for the life of me figure out how to get these photos uploaded to the site. I tried for an hour and gave up. They are large files and I have no idea how to easily and quickly re-size them and upload them. Can you pull them off Photobucket and get them to the site. I wanted them there, just could not get the loader to get it done for me.
    Oh, maybe get her in the Top Tier Builds Section at some point to - she belongs there...
    Glad you all like it. Can't wait to get out for a ride.

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    Truly incredible job there......WOW!!!!
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    Simply amazing!

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    Dear God that us the sweetest t3 ive ever seen! Nice work! That tank is slick, the pipe is amazing, the entire build is just insane! Nice work, I say its complete as is!
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    That.....is......beautiful !!!
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    Got my vote for top tier build, simply awesome! Great job.

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