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Thread: Best Tires for a 250SX

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    Jun 2014
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    Has anyone ever run an ITP Mud Lite (23x8-10) up front?

    It would look cool if nothing else... as well as matching the rear tires. I was thinking about mounting it on a 5 inch wide 3+2 offset Douglas polished aluminum rim. The 10 inch diameter should allow adequate space for the valve stem on the brake drum (left) side.

    Any thoughts (or possibly pics) of a similar set up?

    Also… still looking for confirmation that a 200X front fender will bolt directly to the forks of a 250SX without modifications?
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    So what would you guys recommend for a hard pack Arizona desert with sandy washes and then the Cinders OHV area which is volcanic fine pebble rock that you basically treat like sand. Last time i had an ATV it was Minnesota with good old Wolly Boggers and a stock front.

    I am going to do doug's front wheel swap and am thinking of using the Kenda Front K284 Max.

    Keeping with the stock rear wheels I was just thinking of defaulting to the Duro Mud and Sand (basically the new wolly Bogger).


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    I had Maxxis Sur Trak on a quad which are now the Kenda Bear Claw. I would only recommend them as a rear tire, but the biggest problem with them along with Spider track like tires is they weigh a ton. Way too much. they can be reversed for a sand paddle mud type tire but they rob power. They were a fairly tough tire though.

    I had a Kenda front Max on a 3 wheeler and thought that worked good.
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    Doug, Iíve been doing some major research and just canít find anyone who has run a 24 or 24Ē tire on the front of a 250sx. Iíve seen the ES with a 12Ē wheel and 25Ē tire, but I donít know if that will match up to an SX front end. Any help please?

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