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Thread: Which fuel is best Premium or Regular unleaded to run in my Honda 350X ?

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    It really doesn't matter that much. These little engines are not picky when it comes to the type of fuel used. There is no performance benefit from running premium gas in an engine that doesn't need it to begin with. If there is a reduction in power it'll be so insignificant that you will not notice it. For my little engines I prefer to run ethanol free. If that requires premium then so be it. If I can find 87 gas that's not a blend then winner winner. The whole ethanol or not debate opens up another can of worms. My take is that if you're running the engine frequently, running some serious fuel through it. Go ahead and use ethanol. If it's gonna sit for some time then pure gas tolerates time a bit better.

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    I just started using VP T4 in all of my machines. I have no complaints. Made a noticeable difference in my 84 R and even in my chainsaws and weedwackers

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