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Thread: Crazy Insane Build

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    Mar 2016

    Crazy Insane Build

    Ok everyone, I'm going to be starting a new build because I'm bored with what I have right now. I'll be selling two of my current ATC's to make room.

    I'm going to be taking a 250R Frame as the base and that is where stock pretty much ends.

    Going to put in a rebuilt 80's CR500R Motor in it

    Not Stopping there I'm going to do a missile conversion to make it two wheel

    I'm then going to make it street legal here in TX.

    Things I need as of now:

    The Missile Engineering Two Wheel Conversion. If anyone has one or knows where to source one please let me know. I'm actively searching.

    I want to upgrade the steering stem bearing setup for the front triple tree, haven't don't much research on it but I'm pretty sure something like that has to be out there. I'll be thinking about it after the motor and conversion are done.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll be posting lots of pictures, I already have the frame and motor, so I'll be fitting the motor and then rebuilding it.

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    The steering stem bearing upgrade you speak of, the 3rd gen 250r already has tapered bearings there. What is the upgrade??

    500 Missile.. that'll be slow! HAHA!
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    The FIRST thing you should do is make sure that you CAN make it street legal. It will need a title, insurance, and inspection. I'm in the process of researching to see if I can make my 350x or my 200x street legal. What part of Texas are you in? I'm in San Antonio. I'll keep you updated on the process but it's a huge pain in the arse.

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    May 2016
    Should be interesting.
    What year CR500 engine is going in it?

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    Mar 2016
    As far as the steering stem upgrade goes I want to upgrade the triple tree for newer stocks. 2005 and up.

    Haha, being street legal is the least of my concerns. At one point yes I will attempt to make it street legal but first I want to get it made. If I can't oh well I'll still have a blast with it. Just won't tell em all the changes lol

    I'm in Abilene TX. That would be great, thanks

    The motor is from 84.

    If anyone knows where I can source a missile kit that would be killer. Thanks all!

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    Missile is still in business. So you should be able the get a conversion kit.
    I have never ridden one myself but I know a couple of guys that have them. The steering gets a little "twitchy" because of the steep rake angle of the trike frame. It takes some getting used to. You can correct some of it with custom triples that will increase the "trail" in the steering geometry if you really wanted to. But then again with the 500 powering it the front won't spend that much time on the ground anyway.
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    Can you give me a link or a number so that I can contact them?

    I can't find anything on Google for their website. Haha, thanks for the info, that will definitely something to think about when doing the front end. That is also true. I might take it to the track once in a while, they have a sort of "odd" bike race and I thing this would definitely qualify.

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    Missile Engineering Kits are made by Village Blacksmith in Iowa. ph# 515-274-8631 ask for John Kite.
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    I too am going to be building a missile however I ordered my kit in January..there was a list of over 20 people at that time,in doing my research other people have stated they waited over a year before receiving their kits.John Kite is a one man operation who builds these kits to keep his passion for trikes alive.I hope I didn't let the wind out of your sails I just wanted to give you a heads up on what your in for.They look like awesome unique machines and I can't wait to receive mine.in the mean time I'm going to use the stock pile of parts I've accumulated to redo my 85 250r..

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    Silverdale, WA
    Since this topic is already...somewhat rolling. I have an '85 200x that I 'Missiled' which has the above mentioned steep head tube angle problem. Feels great going up steep hills, but coming back down? Whoa.

    It's really only a function of the rear travel being able to fit under the stock rear frame. 7" of stock rear wheel travel becomes longer as the swingarm is extended to accept the jackshaft and 22" of tire all "in series". I made my swingarm so the tire would almost touch the frame at full compression (I removed the rear spring and ratchet strapped the swingarm in the compressed position.) Still, it looks comically tall in the rear and the steering is too steep.

    The 200x has 33mm forks, I was wondering if anyone has swapped over to a longer fork, ie from a motorcycle?

    This page has a good list of fork diameters (albiet nothing about axle / brake configurations etc, of course)


    Possibly just slider tube could be swapped over into the stock leg (ideal), but that's doubtful; it would probably have to be the whole fork assembly, requiring a custom axle, brake mount etc.

    Interestingly enough, the TW200 forks are 33mm, so maybe a whole front end could be swapped over. Probably the easiest IF they're longer and have the same spacing to the Honda Triple Trees. Not the cheapest front end to come up with though, I'm sure.

    Any ideas?
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    I love the idea of a street legal 500cc missile
    Depending on your state, it may be easier to do a fat tire conversion on an already street legal bike, though the 2-stroke options are limited there.

    Maybe these thoughts are helpful to consider as factors in the rake/trail of your setup:
    *keep the front tire as tall as possible, and the rear as short as possible
    *don't forget the axle can be swapped from trailing to leading
    *some triple clamps from a different bike would alter your rake angle
    *you can take a small slice out of the frame, and weld it back up, to alter the headtube angle

    When you get on the street, there is only one speed rated DOT approved tire available, its called the GBC Afterburn Streetforce, and Costco.com is the only place I've found the rear tire for sale.

    Watch out if you use DOT (non speed rated) golf cart tires on such a 500cc beast. I would hate to think what losing a front tire would be like when you braap 90 miles an hour on that thing.

    Here's a link to the tires I'd want on that:

    Post pics of your awesome build, looking forward to hearing more!

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