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Thread: *** 1978 ATC 90 "3D" Dickson Design & Development Mono Frame ***

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    Good Morning Joe,
    FYI, we are moving this thread to top tier build today. Just wanted to let everyone know that this will be in that forum section.

    Again, great job! WE NEED MORE BUILDS LIKE THIS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostv2 View Post
    Those things look like 200x's scootin' around the track. That's crazy!
    Here is the start to the Main. Again sorry for short vid. Jud is in second on the Original "Blue Goose"!
    I'm on a friends bike he let us race. It was called "Nightmare" He had a pic painted on the tank with Elmer Fudd shooting the Bird. lol
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    You built a real stunner there, nice!!

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