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Thread: Racers chains

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    Racers chains

    I was wondering something about racing chains since i have not been around 3 or 4 wheeler races much. Do you guys like to rivit extra chain pieces together or run more than one master link.
    I was trying to decide if it is best to buy the longer motorcycle chain or just buy the correct length chain for my 3 wheeler?
    I know ideal would be factory assembled chain and one master link. I plan on stock swingarm length for now.
    I forgot to mention i do run some dirt bikes and was thinking of moving the chain from bike length to 3 wheeler length. Maybe try to have a couple new chains instead of 5 different chains. Just thinking a little.
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    I recommend only 1 master link. Lots o' torque flowing through that puppy.
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    I use a Regina non o-ring chain on my race bike. I got a longer one and cut it to length.

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