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Thread: Looking at picking up a 1983 200ES Big Red. Thoughts?

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    Looking at picking up a 1983 200ES Big Red. Thoughts?

    Looking for a trike for the GF.
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    Guy is asking $600.00 CAN OBO.

    How are these models overall? Things to look for? Besides smoke and brakes. Might go to check it out tomorrow. Needs rear tires. Guy also wanted to trade for hunting equiptment. I almost offered up my X wife.

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    I owned one for awhile, was beat to hell when i bought it, but worked great till we ran it out of oil. oops. tough little machines. id check oil, chain, bearings etc. the standard stuff.
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    As always....

    ATC's that cost $600 will need $3000 to repair. Then it will be worth $800



    The forks are the weak part of these machines. My 84 has a drive shaft. Use Hypoid gear oil

    Keep the battery on a tender.

    The 84's had reverse

    The 85's got real hydraulic forks and a rear shock.

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    Love my '84 200es - never leaves me stranded. Do the required maintenance and it will run forever. No major issues with mine. Your GF will love it. When my wife hits the trail - the 200es is the one she will chose from the fleet. Electric start, reverse and ease of use.

    If you go to look at the '83 and everything checks out good - I would put 4 x 100 dollar bills in front of the seller. If he does bite - add another $50.00. Max I would go is $500.00 - again only if everything checked out fine and runs/drives good. Hard to tell from the pics - looks decent - a little love and detailing and it would look good - everything appears to be there except the rear sub rack over the tool box and front and rear mud flaps - both easy finds on eBay.

    Good luck - let us know the outcome.


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    Coming from a fellow Canadian, I wouldn't jump on that one, $600 is too much. If you could get it for $400 I'd say yeah maybe, but even then I wouldn't call it a steal. I'd hold off for something else to come along. As mentioned you'll likely end up dumping a bit into it, and before you know it you realize you've paid way too much for it. That's been my experience anyways.
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    No reverse, non rebuildable forks, and a chain drive are some unfavorable designs on the 82 and 83 200E's. Around my area 1985 250ES BIG REDS go from $700 on up. In my opinion it might be well worth it to spend more and get a 250ES - More power, some suspension, reverse, and shaft drive.

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    '83 200E's are very very good machines. We have one on the farm. I got it running and we have been driving all over on it. That is one tough machine, it gets beat on running through the field, through the bush, up and down the road, etc, and still keeps on ticking like a clock. Only things we replaced were the battery, the exhaust as it was rusted out, and the oil/gas. Things to check are chain and sprockets for sure, but are easy and fairly cheap to replace. Make sure you check the oil too!

    If it runs and idles well with no smoke, and drives well, I don't think that asking price is a bit high but not too far off. You have to keep in mind when you compare CDN/US markets that $600 Canadian is around $450 US dollars. $700 USD is around $925 CDN, big difference. New rear tires could be used as a bargaining point, and you could probably get him to drop his price a bit from that, as they will run you at least 100 bucks, probably $150ish. I say it doesent hurt to go look at it and make an offer, worst he can say is no. You won't be disapointed with the big red's performance. Just my 2 cents.
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    Is it a 200E or 200ES? shaft drive or chain? We have had a 200e on our acreage for a couple years now and it always starts up. It is super impressive, it could sit for 3 months in below zero temperatures and it will alway start with in a dozen pulls. They are like any other honda 200cc motor, they will run forever and probably outlast all of us.
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    Thanks for the replies. I really appreciate the help

    Guy is not responding to my emails and seems to be in rough condition and not very well maintained.

    Oh well. I will keep my eye out.

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    I'm also from canada and that looks like a decent deal, look for stripped bolts, make sure no hubs are welded.

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    if you were closer i have a 200es nice shape priced for 700 and it comes with a complete 200m fork set up with fender to swap out

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    Front forks are usually junk. There good runners though. Make sure the shifter isn't welded to the shifter shaft. There fun bikes, run forever.

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