For those that have not been to a NEEDT race this year, because I didn't get my race team together and the fact that I'm not going to be at the races this year unless I get caught up on my work I offered up $200 in the new 200x class this win money. So far Jacob Hall has won the races, but there is a growing number of 200xes showing up and OH. I would think will have one of the biggest turn out so get ready now! .Jacob has spoke out about his wins.

Jacob Hall‎ to Honda ATC 200x

May 9 at 10:57am

Big shout out to Mickey Dunlap with Four Stroke Tech for the $200 I received for winning the 200x class at round 2 of the needt flat track races! Great way to build a class and make it competitive! It would be great to see the class at round 3!

Jacob Hall

June 2 at 4:45pm
I would Like take a second to thank Mickey Dunlap, with Four Stroke Tech for putting up the 200 dollars in the 200x class at paradise. I appreciate it and it is a great thing you are doing! There were quite a few this time around. Anyone that is interested in racing can get ahold of me, I can answer any questions!

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