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Thread: sand casting/aluminum-projects

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    Quote Originally Posted by big specht View Post
    It looks like some of the oem ones out there now lol. But still didn’t turn out to bad for the first try the finish looks pretty smooth
    I agree

    Shep, what if you put a third hole in the center and got your son to help you pour simultaneously, that way the center would get a good pour as well? If that's the first try, you're pretty close to success in my opinion

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    chop, i think my issue may have been- this white bronze has been sitting on our coffee table saying please melt me for a few months..... the melt point 1650- but pour at 1750, i poured about that temp. compared to the liquidity (flow) of aluminum the bronze flowed like 30wt oil and alum like chocolate milk, if that makes sense.
    Think i'll stick to alum-
    The white bronze i've read is just supposed to leave a finer finish on the part than alum. At the cost of more gas (propane) to melt and less flow, the alum i'll stick with from now on.
    chop great idea on the double pour/ gonna have to try that.
    I havent given up yet.
    Now i'm gonna ramble.....I Poured at just dark last night, partly cloudy no rain in forcast over night- so i left about $30 dollars worth of "new" petrobond casting sand out, woke 6am to find 1/4" of rain fell. now its junk.
    Then this am on the way to work...... 2 blocks from a job.... I opened up a new 2-liter of mtn dew while driving and it proceeded to explode all over my lap- about 16 ounces in my lap.....soaking wet.....
    yup- back home i went......
    Hope everyones monday started out better than mine......

    who the hell shook my soda. hmmmm

    ps. i think i put way to many .................. in.
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