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Thread: BW350R RD350 Fat Cat project

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    BW350R RD350 Fat Cat project

    Well I got working on an old project again it has been 4 years in the making if that tells you how back burner Iím talkin.

    I took a bw 200 swing arm, shoehorned it in to a 75 rd350 frame put new bearings, new jack shaft and all, put the bw 200 front end on and replaced the forks with 200x for front disc. Recently I made a 2 into 1 pipe and and installed an upswept expansion chamber.

    After finding my clutch had stuck for sitting so long I decided to get a banshee set, I also got some bowl gaskets to stop the 42 yr old dried out gasket leak.

    what a dam beast. Now to get a tank and modify it to fit the forks. Mine was so dented I just bashed in the rest to ride. But itís a leaker.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing the progress and some more pictures.
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