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Thread: Trikefest 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by morgan View Post
    Is it worthwhile to come up on a Friday and stay the weekend?
    I will be getting there around 7 or 8 Thursday night and leaving Sunday morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ironchop View Post
    What was the joke? I have a great sense of humor.

    Not to turn this into Chops Medical Problems thread, but I'll offer some perspective to you guys....

    In 2007 (I was 36), I had a huge aortic aneurysm at the root. Seven centimeters across. Genetic condition. They replaced my aorta from my heart to the first branch with a synthetic one and I also got a mechanical aortic valve. This abnormal electrical thing is a rather normal development for people who've had open heart surgery. I knew ahead of time to expect it eventually.

    Now with that in mind, you'll recall y'all seen how me and little Chop fearlessly bombed around TF in 14 and 15 which was also two years after breaking my neck in five places in a rollover crash. So you can see why this is merely aggravating to me rather than a huge thing. It's peanuts compared to the rest of my medical record and my local hospital is full of cardiac badassness from places like Walter Reed medical center who operate on me so I have NO worries at all that I'll be right as rain and back to my normal self very quickly. Just aggravated at the timing especially since I dropped butloads of money to get the R done in time for this year's TF

    THANK YOU for all the kind words though, and have a great TF!

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    I was replying to your post saying we should go to the invasion. I wanted to say something along the lines of "I can't be making plans for that just yet" but what I wrote was "I wouldn't be committing to that just yet". Saying that to someone who is going for heart surgery is not funny. It looked like I was saying "Sure we can go if you're still alive." I didn't even realize how it looked until I read my post again hours later.
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    Can't wait for TF 2018! Should have most of our regular group there again, stop by and say hi...

    by the way, anyone have a clue what the TF Raffle Trike will be this year? Pretty quiet right now...
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    get well soon iron chop

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