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Thread: Has anybody shipped wheels with tires on them before ?

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    Jan 2008

    Has anybody shipped wheels with tires on them before ?

    How would you ship a set of tires and rims?

    I am thinking about selling the set of mounted tires off my 250r. The OEM tires seem to be selling really good these days.

    Thank you for your considerations.

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    Las Vegas, NV.
    I've never shipped, mounted wheels & tires, but I've had a mounted set shipped to me once. I purchased a used set from eBay, and they were sent from Washington to Nevada via FedEx or UPS ground. The auction was for free shipping, so I don't know much it cost the seller, but they arrived, stacked atop one another & wrapped together with plastic wrap.
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    Wrap them in shrink wrap and slap a label on them. I usually add some clear packing tape to the outside for shites and gigs to keep the shrink wrap in place.

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    Apr 2011
    UPS has charged me an extra 8 bucks if they are not wrapped in cardboard. FED EX residential delivery is a good option, shrink wrapped with a label no extra charge. Any time I buy tires off the web they ship FED EX

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