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Thread: Man's best friend thread

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    Meet Hazel, Bichon/Shitzu 4 1/2 months. Definitely doesn't act like a small dog, loves ATV'ing, fishing and mud puddles. We lost our last pup over a year ago
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    That's terrible to hear Doug. It's so tough when innocent animals go. I can't imagine how I'll deal when old Mish goes. 16 this year and she's loving life still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Camexican View Post
    This is Fredo, Chispa's wanna be lover. He's about a smart as a bag of s, but he loves me like no other dog ever has. Little Chispa is the only dog he doesn't try to kill because when he was a pup she laid down the law and he still sees her as dominate even though he outweighs her by about 10 to 1 now. He probably should read the Red Pill thread.

    He has a bark that makes whoever rings my door bell jump back three feet. He only know one word "sit" but he does it so obediently and looks so noble on his hinds that everyone thinks he's been professionally trained

    He loves to fight, doesn't care about the size, race or sex (no wonder he never gets laid), can't let him off the chain ever when out walking, had some close calls in the park when he was younger and I "thought" I had control of him. He also wreaks havoc on my lawn, digs up plants and requires me to be on shovel duty twice a day and his eyes with their triple eyelids need drops everyday now that's he's older. I think I got him in mid 2009, so he's pretty old for a boxer. I will be very sad when he goes. I wish he could have lived on a farm, loves to run and jump.

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    After a long battle with cancer Fredo was put down today.

    In lieu of flowers we ask that you give your pets a treat of some sort and scratch them behind the ears.

    He asked me to post this for other dogs,

    “A dogs life is short, live it to the max, let no cat pass without a bark, leave no tree unpissed upon, when someone try’s to give you a bath, make sure you return the favor, cr*p like you own the park and leave no bitches butt unsniffed”

    Fredo 2009-2021
    F**K ZUCK!

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    Sorry to hear the news El Camexican an, that sucks. It’s tough to take when a pet passes away, they spend so much time as a part of our lives yet it goes by way to fast!

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    So sorry

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    Sorry about Fredo buddy......they give us so much in so little time.

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