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Thread: Hello from north central Indiana

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    Hello from north central Indiana

    Recently returned to the world of 3 wheelers after several years without one. Started fixing up an old 1982 Honda 200e Big Red last week. I have her running and a few parts replaced or refurbished. My wife and I both ride, both ATV/ATC and motor scooter(me) and a regular motor cycle(her). She has a 2007 Honda Recon shaft drive with reverse and she once had a Honda 200es ATC. She rides a cherry condition 1984 Honda Magna V30. I had the same year Big Red years ago when we lived in PA. I ride a optioned out 1985 Honda Elite 250 maxi scooter. I have Asperger's Syndrome, a type of high functioning autism and find the CVT transmission much more enjoyable on the scooter over the motorcycles I have had. No performance exhausts here, we keep them quiet so I dont have to wear my hearing protection to cope. My neighbor welded up my beat up muffler as the whole new seat is going to be expensive(pan is busted up so a simple recover isnt an option). Hopefully the muffler will hold up for another year or so. I rebuilt the carb and have it running very well now. I have started trying to get the electrics working, I replaced the key switch, believe I have all the wires done right as it does shut off the motor. But even with jumper cables to a good battery(it lacks a battery right now), I have no lights. Stator is working properly but the voltage regulator is blown(only putting put 4.5 volts DC). Stator is putting out proper AC voltage 14.5 at idle and up over 30vac when I rev it up. So its working just like a lawn tractor's stator does. Still have no electric start or lights(bulbs are good). so more work is needed here along with a new VR. I did ride her around the yard a bit today. I also need a good used front fork shock, one of mine is rusted and stuck in the compressed position so the front wheel is canted to one side. I cannot find any as of yet to purchase online. Mike the Aspie

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    Welcome Mike. I grew up a Hoosier but closer to south Central Indiana in the bottom part of Johnson County.

    Lots of FLAT land in the north central part of the state. I live in Southern KY now close to the TN state line. I don't miss the drifting snow one bit.

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    Welcome! I hope you find the parts you need. Sounds like you've done some work already. Best wishes and enjoy! Cheers Mike!

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