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Thread: Howdy from Colorado

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    Howdy from Colorado

    What's up, folks. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Nick, I've got 2 ATCs. I got a decent 83 185S a few weeks ago, and then 4 days later I found an 85 250ES basket case that somehow followed me home. I've wanted a 250ES for years, so I'm hell-bent on resurrecting this thing. By next Wednesday, I'll have everything I still need to make it trail ready again. In the meantime, after an extreme deep clean of the carb, she runs strong and starts with 2 kicks. I did have a few questions, maybe someone can help. First of all, though she runs strong, the spark looks a little weak even with new ignition parts. I'd like to put a HotShot CDI on her, mainly for the performance boost, but also because it might be smart to replace the tired old CDI now, instead of waiting for it to fail 10 miles up a mountain trail. Has anyone had any luck converting from the 85 to the 86-87 CDI connector? Along the mountain lines, I live at 6000' and ride mostly at 7000'+. Does anyone have any jetting recommendations, or do you think I'll be alright to stay stock? One of my future plans is to convert to fuel injection, but that's probably a year or two down the road, minimum. I'm planning on doing Mickey Dunlap's 350cc big bore, so I'd rather wait on EFI until that's done so I don't have to redo the calibration stuff. So in the meantime, if I can get the jetting set without all the trial and error, it'd be helpful. Also along the mountain lines, I'll be pretty much exclusively riding this on dirt roads and mountain trails, with the occasional Southern Colorado field. I see a lot of people use these things for mudding, but there's not much mud here. Any recommendations for good trail tires? I'll be using the search to check out my questions as well, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask in my intro as well. Anyway, that's me and my machines in a nut shell. I'll be out riding in La Veta on Saturday, maybe I'll see some of y'all out there. Peace!

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    Welcome. I'm getting ready to start my first 250ES project soon. Cheng Shin knobbies (C829) seem to be pretty good all around tires. Since they're two ply tires, they may not hold up to the rocks you have there. You're lucky. I LOVE riding in Colorado and can't do it often or for long enough.

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