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Thread: Tri Z rear caliper..anyone

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    Dec 2013
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    Tri Z rear caliper..anyone

    Tried the classified for a month or so, with no luck.
    1.) Anyone have a spare rear brake caliper, maybe a rotor too, mine is actually ground through.
    Or if some can tell me 100% for sure that another model is interchangable. That's fine too, I just can't go by " I heard such n such fits"....Lol even a lead on new rotor would be welcomed.
    2.( Also I think there are some mounts that stabilize the rear fender on both sides at the front, anyone might have xtras or a photo of what they look like?
    Any help appreciated.
    I need all the help I can get!

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    Banshee and Blaster parts might fit. There is an old thread out there specific to what parts will fit on a Tri Z, try Googling for it.
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    I bought Banshee calipers for my Z, also used a banshee rear master cylinder. You will probably get your roter much faster off eBay too.

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