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Thread: Can you bump start auto-clutch trikes? 225dx YT125/175 Big Red 250ES

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    Can you bump start auto-clutch trikes? 225dx YT125/175 Big Red 250ES

    Just kind of thinking out loud and wondering about bump starting auto clutch trikes like 225dx / 225dr , Big Reds and the YT125 / YT175 series trikes etc.

    I know you can start a 225dx in gear with the pull start, can you bump start them in gear

    I know the ATC250ES has to be in neutral for the starter to work and you can kick start them in gear....bump start?

    Can the YT125/175 series trikes be bump started?

    Post up what you know about these or any other auto clutch trikes if you want! thanks
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    Yes , pretty much the only Atvs that don’t bump start are ones that use belt drives
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    If you sit on an ATC70, put it in 2nd or 3rd gear and push with your feet, they start easily.

    If you have an ATC200, 200s, 185 etc that has been sitting for a long time and doesn't want to start, the procedure is:
    Put in 3rd gear
    Pick up rear tires via the grab bar
    Run as fast as you can
    Drop the tires to the ground and it fires up every time!

    I learned this trick from TriZNate aka 250SXwheeliepop aka Wildcat Carey aka Twinkletoes aka Uncle Natty aka Full Rigid Nathan aka Trizzy
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    I heard a funny story from a guy one time. He was cleaning the carb out on a 185 or 200. Must have gotten the slide turned the wrong way when he put it together. Pulled on the rope until his arm got tired trying to start it so he decided to push start it. It fired up and took off acrossed a field wide open in 3rd gear until it crashed into a ditch.
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