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Thread: What size KTM dirt bike should I get?

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    What size KTM dirt bike should I get?

    HI all,

    As is says what size KTM should I get? I'm 6.3 and 175lbs. I want to get a dirt bike to play in the woods on and a 2 stroke. I don't have the most dirt bike experience I had one years ago. My current ride is a ATC 185 and a 200x in a box haven't had time to get the X going. I just want to get a new toy that is more fun then the 185 that is a great work horse. I found a KTM 125 for $1700, a KTM mxc 200 for $2100, KTM exc 250 for $2500. I'm not sure what size would be good for getting into trail riding. I might hit the sand dunes once a year too thatís why I'm looking at a dirt bike. I also want to go to Bundy hill so I have to buy something that is not a 3 wheeler. Don't bash me on the KTM part I know they have a higher price then some other brands.

    Thanks all.

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    The ktm300 Would be my choice . Very smooth running machine .
    I’ve serviced and ridden the 125 , 200 and the 250 all great machines .
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    250 or 300 exc

    You can convert any 250 into a 300 with a piston, head and cylinder swap. Cranks, rods and cases are the same.

    I’ve been told the 150’s are build on the 125 platform and are highly stressed, so I’d avoided that one.
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    KTM has 1 bike that fits every notch on the ta-do list so I understand your position.
    I'm glad your at least narrowing it down to 2Strokes, that makes it somewhat easier.
    125: not an option...unless your son is 12-14yrs of age and you hand it down.
    200: always been a great play woods weapon vet MX but never open Baja strong.
    250/300 all around the best by many opinions, but which one??
    I see it like this the 250 more snap on tap with an eagerness to wind up and shift.
    The 300 is broader more luggable and has greater top end but comes on strong with great pull.
    Skill level??? I've never riden a bike that went faster than I wanted it to go. I have riden bikes that made me faster just on comfort and pure bike tech/egros/performance. As muck as I know I'd love a 200 my choice would be the 300 based on all it's attributes. For me in open Baja XR650 no question...it worked like a Billygoat hills and woods but not kind to race MX,HS but open fire roads bye bye. Just to Heavy for around here but man that bike really liked stretching its legs.

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    Find a 550 and be done with it. King of the beasts.
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    250 all the way. The EXC is great, big tank wide ratio trans more plush suspension, all the stuff is off-road guys do to MX bikes to make them woods worthy haha. You can lug that motor down real low and it will tractor right back into the sweet spot without being light switchy which is a plus for a novice to keep tire spin to a minimum. That plus the option of going to 300 with a factory jug and slug if you wanted I in the future make it a no brainer.
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