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Thread: Sir John Swinehart

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    Sep 2010
    He knew before TF he wouldn't see the leaves turn. He said he would fight it,but not at the expense of being a burden or drawing it out. And that he did. Hospice was called in 2 Sundays ago. This getting older stuff isn't real fun sometimes. I Literally can't believe his help is gone. He got such a kick out of helping others and doing his best to put a smile across a face. He was adomate to me that there would be no help gathered. He had things pretty squared away. . I tried. He didn't want it. Sorry to those that offered. His parts will continue to roam the countrside and race tracks of this Earth. Godspeed Brother.
    Please help those who cannot help themselves.

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    I think we should all post pics of his work that is on our bikes.

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    it is sad that we see another trike genius gone this year I am still mourning over the loss of Randy and now John is gone. I never got to meet him and only had a few dealings with him, but was amazed by many of his creations. I pray that we lose no more this year.
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