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Thread: Sir John Swinehart

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    Sir John Swinehart

    If you didn't see the post, John is fighting cancer. I wanted to start this thread for all of you that have had dealings with him,met him,know him,Trikefested with him, whatever ! Pics would be awesome! I have never had the pleasure of shaking Johns hand and looking him in the eye. But he is a dear friend of mine.Pretty amazing what good a computer can do sometimes...The few times I attempted to publicly help anyone in need. John always had $100 in my Ppal before I had a chance to open it. With the offer of more,or parts to auction off to richen the pot.. We did this many many times quietly with no posts.His bottomless,tireless heart never fails to amaze me. I don't know where to even begin on the amazing parts he has made available to the 3 Wheel community. Not junk either. Amazing,great parts proudly made in the USA !

    All of you trikefesters, let your buddies know to post up pics of the good times! It is the very least we can do for a Gentleman that has done SO so much for this community. Fight hard John,and don't forget to smile when you can ! Love ya Brother.
    Please help those who cannot help themselves.

    ALWAYS buying Museum quality machines,3 and 4 wheels. And any and ALL ,NOS parts,EVERY brand.

    I am turning my PM's Off,my Email is billsracing@hotmail.com,put 3WW in the subject. Thanx!

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    I met/spoke to him at two Trikefests and he is as nice and overly accommodating in person as he is in the ether world.

    I'm not a pic taker though so I have none of those to add.

    I've never purchased anything from him but I'm interested in some number plates. I hadn't contacted him yet because I'm sure he's got alot going on and has no time for plastic stuff. When he feels better I'll throw my money at him.

    I hold a special hatred for cancer going way back so praying for his recovery is a foregone conclusion for me

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    I've bought from him in he past on Ebay. He may not have had the absolute cheapest price, but I immediately bought from him as soon as I saw who it was. I hope to get to meet him some day.

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    I've only conversed with him through pm's here over some Tecate stuff (one of these days I'll get around to installing his flywheel). What a shame, it always seems to happen to the nicest people. He's a real asset to the 3 wheeling community and I wish him the best of luck.


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    John is simply put AWESOME! He’s helped me out so many times and I have enjoyed his company on many rides and events. Very humble person. I pray for him and his family. I missed my morning coffee at Trikefest this year without him.Click image for larger version. 

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    Get well soon John, your a great guy/ please post when u get some energy back. I’m sure most of us are thinking of you every day about how you are doing. Missed talking with you at trikefest this yr, so I had to go bother howdy- he’s probably still wondering who that long haired guy was
    You texted me this pic over a year ago it’s the only one I have. Hope its ok

    Anything you need just say itClick image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I first met him in 2006, he helped me with a 200x I had that was being a pita. He only lives 35 min or so from me, we have bought and sold things back and forth many many times. He's truly a great guy. Ducks this stuff always happens to the good guys.

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    Oh man I just saw this. Iíve had deals with John in the past and he was always gracious and is a great guy to have in the community. I wish him all the luck in the world.
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    I have talked with John at trikefest since 2012 I'm sorry to hear about your cancer I have a couple of his number plates on our r,s hope you get to feeling better and beat this cancer stay strong definitely missed you at trikefest this year

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    I've known John since roughly 1998 when we used the original 3WW board. It was him, Howdy, Tim sr, Mik6, Triz-jim and a few others.

    He has always gone out of his way to help anyone, even strangers. His plastic and rubber skills are endless, he has made us many items which opened up doors that had been slammed shut for years.

    He has always been there for many of us and I plan on being there for him if he needs any help during these difficult times.

    We're praying for you John, I hope you can get thru this...
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    Ok guys, I have an idea. Let's make a donation for our friend John. Someone here try to open a donation card or something. I am not familiar how this can happen. Let's all suport our friend John to overpass his health issues!!

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    please, no guys. I am being taken care of. anything changes i'll run it thru 007 thank you


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