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Thread: home made video

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    home made video

    I made this video a while back and dont have much experience, itd be cool if you guys could take a look, give me some tips for next time. I just had my go pro mounted on my rear rack so.
    video link

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    Best tip I can give you is to get better back tires for snow

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    Pretty cool vid! Looks like you have a sweet farm to ride around on too!

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    I think some of the best tires for riding in the show are Maxxis 4Snows. you could turn your rear tires around. Mud type tires are designed to dig in, but when they're run backward, they act more like paddles and scoop instead of dig. You could also try running lower air pressure in your rear tires to give it a wider footprint and better traction. Finally, the place you got stuck in was drifted across. I try to avoid deeper spots like this.

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