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Thread: 85 Honda 200M no spark

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    85 Honda 200M no spark

    1st time posting: I just picked up this 3 wheeler (not running) the seller said it ran fine up until it was parked for winter in a shed, would not start in springtime. the previous owner "fried" the coil by putting 12 volts to it so I'm searching for a coil right now "but" I noticed the recoil (pull start) when pulled was spewing water/oil mixture right out of the casing when pulling the pullcord, I took the recoil cover off and there was lots of oily water crap in there so then I took the next cover off and pulled the stator which also was very wet. I heard everything in there was supposed to be dry. what caused this and what is "normal"? thanks for and and all help.

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    I'm no expert but I wouldn't think there should be any moisture in there. Obviously that's where the electrical system starts and if history has taught us anything it's that water and electronics don't mix. Either the PO swamped it, or there's another issue like a crack somewhere or a bad seal on the recoil. I'd dry everything thoroughly before reassembling. Also, if there's no spark the first place I'd look is the primary stator under the flywheel. Ebay is your friend in this because you can buy new parts for reasonable prices. I just redid my 83 185s with basically every electric system part brand new and only put like $50 into it.

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    The flywheel magnets may be rusty. If they are, you should sand them clean. Otherwise, they won't create spark. If there's oil inside the stator cover and the pull start cover, you probably have a leaking seal. You should replace the seal while you have the stator off.

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