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ID:	253686Hello there three wheeler world! I am the Beach Whale and I ride four wheelers and dirt bikes. Working on the trike situation but for the mean time my four wheeler is a 2007 Honda rancher with 3Ē snorkels, pod lights and a winch as the only mods. My dirt bike is a nice and rare 1986 Suzuki SP 200. Itís had a hard life for the past 32 years having been through 5 owners including myself. Itís technically a dual sport but without a title itís a dirt dedicated machine for me. When I got it the front brake master cylinder was dangling, the bars were off a 1993 Suzuki quad runner, as well as the thumb throttle, and the front brake master cylinder, and many many other parts. Never the less it was also being fed via a Yamaha blaster carburetor. All the main wiring has been ripped out so the only electrical thing that works is the cdi box. The key is gone but hey the speedometer still works so maybe stolen maybe not haha. For the past two months Iíve owned it, it smoked like a New York hooker whose trike pimp daddy needs more 70s. It went 200 miles to the gallon (on oil) but after putting a new crank case vent hose that want kinked it was like vaping had just been invented and I wasnít killing mosquitoes for a 10 mile radius. Since itís summer and those little bastards are everywhere I shoved a bolt in it so the blood suckers would stay far far away. Now to figure out what can kill the spiders! For exhaust and intake it now has a geo tracker muffler thanks to the previous owner whom I know very well. The intake has a $28 eBay carb and an air filter cage with a glove zip tied to it. Itís the first time itís had an air filter in most likely 20 years. This little dirt bike of mine has been the most fun ever for being only 200cc. Was nothing like the gutless and bike I was told it would be over the internet and by my friends. Itís torquey and powerful enough for second gear wheelies with stock road gearing. Has plenty of usable power for the trails and is a blast to ride in general. Considering how many quad parts it had on it it compensates for the two wheels and makes it a three wheeler if you think about it.

I live in Kentucky and Iím 16. Shooting for trike fest 2k19 to ride with all you people!