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Thread: New here, Yamaha 200 three wheeler

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    New here, Yamaha 200 three wheeler

    Hey guys, so I'm new here but not new to this three wheeler. It was a toy we had at the farm while I was growing up up until my grandfather passed away 12 years back. So it hasn't been started or touched since then. I got it running for a while last week, but couldn't drive it around. The tires are totally shot. Long story short, my uncle and I are wanting to restore it for another fun toy on the farm that we don't mind getting dirty. If yall can help out it will be greatly appreciated!
    We ordered some tires (Kenda k290 scorpions, 22x11-00-8) these are the same size my grandpa had across all 3 wheels, so figured a direct replacement would be the best bet; not too sure on the brand, but just wanted something cheap to get us started and make sure it was running well before dishing out the big bucks. I got the fuel tank cleaned out, and the carb cleaned to the best of my ability. New resizable air filter is on its way and so are spark plugs (champion ra8hc, ngk 2887) once again, what my grandpa had on there so direct replacement seemed like the best bet. If you know of a better/proper spark plug and appropriate gap please let me know. Once I had it running and shut off I couldn't get it started again, gas was good, spark was there but seemed weak and air should be fine, had no filter on. The one issue I really am having is the proper carb for it. Currently there's a Mikuni on it, I'll post all the pictures I have of it. If any of you know which it is exactly so we can replace it, or the right carb for this trike please please please let me know. This one is so gunked up and replacing them seems cheaper than often having them cleaned and rebuilt. We didn't have calipers to measure it properly, just a mm ruler, but we got roughly 25 40 on each side of the carb.

    Thanks for the help

    Bonus 4 second video of it running after sitting for 12+ years

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As far as a spark plug goes, stick with an NGK. Should be a DR7EA plug for that machine. Good thing about those Yamaha's is that they have a plastic fuel tank. Big sigh of relief when it had sat for so long and you don't have to worry about the tank being rotted out. The mikuni should be OEM on that machine and I would keep it that way. Order a Shindy carburetor kit for it and go through it. Cheap and easy fix. The YTM200 is the machine that made me catch the three wheeler fever back in 2005. Very fun machines! Have fun getting it running again, I love that stuff. Here's my old 200
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Don't use the cheap replacement carbs. They are junk for the most part.

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