Hey guys my name is Blake and I'm from North Carolina. I recently purchased an 85 yt60, my first trike after years of trying to find one in presentable condition. Well long story short I got the little guy going and running after a complete tear down and rebuild which was honestly quite simple as I work in the motorcycle industry as a mechanic. However after I got the yt running I started noticing that it didn't really have the power I thought it should being a 60cc 2 stroke compared to my son's pw50 in stock form minus the restrictors. So I chalked it up to an over rich oil fuel mix and allowed my 9 year old son ride it after a few minutes explaining some of the differences in riding style compared to his dirt bike. Well a few weekends of him riding and I start to see exhaust smoke coming out of the middle of the head pipe after taking it out and giving it a good cleaning I noticed a rather large hole in the pipe where the heat shield had held mud and water over the years and rusted through. So began my hunt for a performance exhaust for the yt. I found nothing other than dead ends at DG and fmf, after more research and 3 handbuilt test models I finally had a pipe that REALLY WORKED!! I'm not talking about a little bump in performance with other mods I'm talking it brought a rather large helping of toque and top end performance. I weigh in at just over 170 and I can sit in the middle of the seat and the little bike still pulls the front wheel almost to the 2 o'clock point from a 1/4 throttle roll. Mind you I haven't changed anything other than the pipe at this point no jetting, no reeds, porting, I haven't even milled the head down. All mods to come lol. If anyone is interested in having a pipe built pm me asap as soon as I can figure out how to post pics here I'll have them up. Silencers can be made as well since the factory silencers will no longer fit.