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Thread: Anyone interested in Fiberglass bodies for yt60

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    Aug 2018

    Anyone interested in Fiberglass bodies for yt60

    Ok everybody I have been thinking a lot about our little yt60s lately and I have a solution for those of us with damaged, missing, or even those who have perfect plasics that don't want them ruined. I have been in the custom cycle and car world going on 10 years now and have built several panels and fairings from scratch out of fiberglass and made moulds to reproduce these items. I have an almost perfect set of plastics for my yt60 but my kids want to ride and let's be honest kids are rough on any machine. So I've decided to make fiberglass repops of the OEM plastics to include the hard to find front fender for those interested pm me ASAP.

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    Jul 2010
    glendive, montana
    I'm curious on price range of these fiberglass repops
    rectum nothin damn near killed them
    feel free to leave feed back for me here. http://www.3wheelerworld.com/showthr...06#post1119306

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