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Thread: Fundraiser for Liway Swinehart/ John's widow.

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    Fundraiser for Liway Swinehart/ John's widow.

    As I'm sure most of you know,the 3WW lost a great friend a few weeks ago to lung cancer. John was a very proud man who stood on his own 2 feet . Some friends that stayed with Liway through the funeral,spoke to John's Brother,and talked about how he didn't want anything done. His brother said go for it for Liway. For those that don't know,she helped John hand in hand making all the awesome parts they do. For those on FB, Honda Hoarders is doing a $20 raffle on some goodies. For those not, I am posting Liways PayPal. Send as a gift,and she will have your money directly into her account. Do it because of the amazing support he gave to this community. Do it because of the amazing parts he made. Or just do it because it's the right thing to do ! Have a great day Liways PayPal......viktoriasecrets@hotmail.com
    Please help those who cannot help themselves.

    ALWAYS buying Museum quality machines,3 and 4 wheels. And any and ALL ,NOS parts,EVERY brand.

    I am turning my PM's Off,my Email is billsracing@hotmail.com,put 3WW in the subject. Thanx!

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    'he will be missed' is an understatement....more like that hole can never be filled.

    My first Trikefest in 2014 and my son and I got way too excited and forgot to pack a bunch of stuff before we left. Important stuff like coffee and the air pump for the air mattress.

    Guess who hooked us up with both of those things? He was always inviting us for a coffee or anything else we needed that we possibly forgot and he wouldn't hesitate to help any triker in need. Never short on conversation and probably the most sober guy at TF which was kinda nice because I don't drink anymore.

    The following year was no different. There wasn't a single person at TF that was kinder and more collected than John Swinehart. Top notch attitude. He was always volunteering to help with the festivities and the awards program. And between him and Howdy and sometimes Fabs too, all my brain farts and memory loss were remedied at one of their usually adjoining camps simply by asking either one. The TF Front Row won't be the same without him.

    I think in honor of John, we should leave his TF spot empty save for a tribute of some kind... Just my worthless opinion.

    The week he announced his cancer, I was about to buy a number plate off of them for my 250R but as soon as that news hit, I backed off so they could have their peace and time to heal. I wasn't expecting him to leave us especially that quickly. I wish I'd bought something from him sooner as a momento

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    Hello all! I am running the Facebook Raffle for John. If you are on the book please go to Honda Hoarders, 1984-1987 Kawasaki KXT250 Tecate page to donate it you can message me and I will provide PayPal. 100% of the proceeds goes to Liway.
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    It's the last week to grab a ticket and possibly get a gift. We have done a great job in the past without any donated items. John was a huge part in our community and I would hope the total on this one would be better than ever. Please give if you can.
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