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Thread: Anybody Riding In South Florida?

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    Anybody Riding In South Florida?

    Hey everyone, my name is Pierce and I recently moved down to Miami and looking for some people to ride with. I saw a post on here for South Florida but it was from 2016, so I decided to start it back up. Not trying to trash on Miami or my neighborhood but it seems like the interests in Georgia are way different than the area I just moved, so I'm hoping there's some people on here that live in Miami and want to ride? I have heard of Redlands(?) near Homestead, and I found a spot in Doral near my work I've been riding that goes into the Everglades with what feels like infinite trails off 137th. I'm sure if you live down here you know this spot but I never seen anyone else riding when I'm out there. I have a 1981 Honda 200 and live in Tamiami. Also if you have an exhaust silencer down here let me know! I have cash or parts from my old engine, we can work something out. Anyone down here???

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    South Florida
    I don’t do a lot of riding anymore but I’m a local mechanic for the dade , Broward , palm beach area . My shop is located about 15 miles north of Tamiami .
    Welcome .
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