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Thread: Mailman delivered my new 200x “motor” today

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    Aug 2016
    East of Worcester ma
    I tell ya, this thing is adding up in cost—from master switches, regular on/off switch, amp/volt meter, reverse/forward switch, voltage shunt for meters, fuse block with voltage reg for lights- just ordered a motor controller from London, controller watertight box also ordered, Assortment of wire/pigtails.....
    Also need to order one of those fancy x-ring chains (less chain noise)
    Super excited to see what I end up with still though

    Tires/rims are coming today
    Still need to figure motor mounting- think I gotta plan for that
    Tires mounted/
    A little over inflated right now/ waiting on two small areas of bead to pop
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	46795DB2-818E-4BE3-BB9F-3065BE166D23.jpeg 
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ID:	255263 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9EBC1765-A0AD-448F-854B-D874293F4552.jpeg 
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ID:	255264

    Edit again: just a pic of other parts either cleaned up or new for this project
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	45CF52E0-BC57-4A7E-AF44-0E33B3A1AB49.jpg 
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Name:	65D37EFE-B58C-48AA-8A20-89835500EF3C.jpeg 
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ID:	255478 I bought a nice rim that came with the tire already mounted that’s in great shape so that’s what I’ll go with....
    Shock may need to be rebuilt- not sure yet...it’s been on my shelf for a few yrs.

    Edit:more pics
    Still waiting on amp/volt display - three way toggle for three speed option- and reverse switch button. I’m going to purchase 5 “cheap” 12v 12ah batteries just for testing... before a big lithium battery is bought.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	E7D06293-D62B-4492-9096-4773B74A0F02.jpeg 
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Name:	0DB9F7A2-DA62-425D-98A3-4CABB934F974.jpg 
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ID:	255535

    ——— two weeks later—— I’m “still” gathering parts
    Still need or ordered-50 amp breaker/fuses holders. Batt wire/ small misc stuff. But almost ready to bench test motor.
    Still gotta modify the frame, kinda looking forward to it but wish I could do it in the living room....
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CD9A8FAB-5D95-44FD-B4BC-6C48F2ECB4F9.jpeg 
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ID:	255833
    Gotta pause my hobby spending $ for x-mas present buying though.
    I’ll add a new post when I actually have something put together.
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    Aug 2016
    East of Worcester ma
    I wasn’t planning on making a new post until I had the frame done oh well, So anyway I know that the China brake pads are junk!!!! But I have had no issues at all with the China rear calipers themselves. So off to eBay and I buy one of those $80
    Dollar China Honda 200x front calipers (bad move) oh well. It shows up and looks good then I start searching eBay to see what this caliper was originally intended for- not 5 minutes go by and come across the “GY6” scooter front calipers and guess what it’s the same damn caliper....... for less that 30 bucks.
    So I buy one to compare and it’s identical to the one that was 80+ shipping....(I bought a Chrome one for $29)
    I have pics but already removed the tire- will load them in a few mins.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	343C146C-10E1-4B23-A9F5-92D72A60B5F9.jpeg 
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Name:	2F5F8A00-B19C-4006-8512-172A87A15B5D.jpeg 
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Name:	A0D3F304-C674-46E6-A7C0-75811463965F.jpeg 
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ID:	256018 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	8EAF88B2-F279-434E-8C8F-4913EC6448BA.jpeg 
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Name:	599AD0C7-FAD6-462A-9179-D2693BAB4F09.jpeg 
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Name:	A5123BBF-D020-43E9-8B52-B1747EC2D14D.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	EBE98D72-7241-4B92-8490-FCDA709108BD.jpeg 
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ID:	256022
    Had to use the oem bracket though
    I know oem caliper is better but I didn’t have one and eBay used/and most likely a rebuild needed are not cheap either so opted to go this route.

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    Not sure how I missed this build. Full electric machines will likely be the future assuming battery tech continues to improve. Ligher and more power stored in smaller and smaller areas will make full electric bikes/cars etc much more popular.

    I was looking into an electric super tiny pickup like a VW Caddy, but never had to funds for all the required parts.

    I didn't get a chance to read the whole thread so far, does the motor controller support regeneration for deceleration? Being an off road machine, assuming you have a lot of hills around, you might extend the range for your batteries by a fair amount with a regen system.

    Anyway subbed for the build. Good luck with the project.

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