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Thread: Its a torture to work on the carb... -Just ranting..

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    Angry Its a torture to work on the carb... -Just ranting..

    Just a rant.. cause my fingers hurt, my back hurt, I banged my head like 5 times with the handlebar (yes I'm that smart), etc..

    I have worked on motorcycles and small motors like lawnmowers, etc.. But I have never found a machine that is harder to work than my new (to me) 200M... Holy smokes.. its a torture to get the carb out and double torture to get it back in.
    Maybe there is a secret.. I know I have much to learn but I already feel sorry for the mechanics that had to work on these things every single day..

    I had to remove both fenders, gas tank, seat and airbox.. then to put back the carb was a test of my patience.. Of course nobody had told me how or I didn't know what to expect..

    Anyway, its all done.. I needed to vent..

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    Take it out with the intake manifold attached and it’s not that hard to remove .
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    I'll bet that it was easier to do when the rubber wasn't 30+ years old and still flexible too.

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