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Thread: ATC 90 front rim/tire help

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    ATC 90 front rim/tire help

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	254539The 90 I have has knobby tires on it all the way around.

    The front rim does not appear to be a split rim. The rim only has 3 bolts for the hub and that is all.

    I cut the tire off because it wad dry rotted so bad. It had a tube in it as well. There are also what looks like o rings next to the bead. They are the thickness of a small belt. The rear tires did not have this "ring" next to the bead when I replaced those and the rear rims did split.

    It doesn't "look" like the front rim can be split. Is this normal? Is there a procedure for changing these tires? Does the front require a "special" tire?

    The frame indicates a US90 so I think it may have originally had the balloon tires. Someone put the knobby tires and split rims on and I have no idea what kind of machine they came from.

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    I believe those are just there to strengthen the original OHTSU tire beads. You should be able to mount an aftermarket tire back on there with no issues.
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